Original Painting

A man purchased a Picasso painting. It was very costly, one million dollars, but he knew perfectly well that it is authentic – he knew it because he was an eye witness when Picasso was doing it.When he had purchased he was so happy – he was a friend to Picasso – he went to show him the painting and to tell him that, “I have purchased your painting. Of course it has cost me a fortune, but I am immensely happy that I have got one of your original paintings with me.”

Picasso looked at the painting and said, “This is not original – this is a copy.”

The man was shocked. Then he has been robbed of one million dollars! He said, “But what are you saying? – because I have seen with my own eyes! I was staying with you in those days when you were painting this!”

And the woman who used to live in those days with Picasso also said that, “You must be joking because I also remember. You have done this painting yourself and your friend was staying with us.”

Picasso said, “I know perfectly well that I have painted it, but it is still not an original because I have painted the same painting before too. Whether I have made the copy or somebody else had made the copy, it makes no difference; it is a copy, it is not original. Yes, I have painted it, but it is a repetition. I will not call it original.”


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