In the life of Sw. Vivekananda

There was no change in the ways and behaviour of Swamiji towards

his friends even when he became famous and was worshipped by thousands

of devotees at home and abroad.He was the same Naren to them


When in Lahore,Swamiji met his boyhood friend Motilal Bose by

chance.Motilal,who owned the Great Indian Circus,was there in

connection with a show of his troupe.Having met his friend after a

long time Swamiji plunged into conversation with him.But Motilal felt

uneasy.He said,”Brother,how should I address you,as “Naren” or


Swamiji burst out laughing and said:”Are you crazy? my dear

Moti nothing has changed.You are to me the same “Moti” and I am same


Swamiji uttered these words with so much love and tenderness that

Motilal was deeply moved and forgot all his diffidence.

* * * * * * * * * *

Many rich people who were devoted to Swamiji invited him to

dinner during his brief stay at Alwar, but Swamiji first accepted the

invitation of a poor old woman who during his wondering days had

offered him food when he had nothing to eat. Swamiji didn’t forget her

kindness on reaching Alwar, Swamiji had sent a message to her saying

that he wished to be treated to some of the thick chapatis he was

offered years before and which he relished very much.

The old woman was beside herself with joy. She prepared the

chapatis with great care and waited eagerly for Swamiji and his

disciples. when they came, she lovingly served them the simple meal.

Swamiji enjoyed the food and told his disciples, ‘See, how devout, how

motherly this old woman is! And how pure and simple the food is!’

Before parting Swamiji scilently trust a hundred ruoee note into the

hands of the master of the house to be given to the old woman.


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