Three stories of encouragement

A tourist arrived late at the golf course and had to take a young boy of ten as caddie. He was a tiny fellow, knew next to nothing about the course or the game and he spoke only three words of english.

Thanks to those three words, however, the tourist made him his caddie for the rest of his stay. After each shot, regardless of the result, the little fellow would stamp his foot and shout with feeling,”Damn good shot!”

A woman was deeply hurt by the behavior of her fifteen year old son. Each time they went out together he would walk on ahead of her. Was he ashamed of her ?One day she asked him.

“Oh Mom, no” was his embarrassed reply. “It’s just that you look so young that I’m worried my friends will suspect I have a new girlfriend.”

Her hurt vanished as if by magic.

A little girl went to her teacher on day and said,”M’am, m’am, look at my paper !.”
She showed her paper and every word was spelt wrongly. The teacher look at her and said,”Dear child, I really like your paper – the margins are nice and neat and your printing is clean and readable.”

And she said,”Thank you M’am. I have really been working hard on it. Next time I’m going to work on my spelling.”




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