Occult powers

Once a Sadhu attained occult power while going through spiritual practices. He then forgot all about the highest of the spiritual attainment, merging in the divine. The lord wanted to point that out to him, so He appeared as a common man in front of the Sadhu. 

He asked Sadhu if he had great occult powers, to which the Sadhu affirmed with pride. 

Pointing at an Elephant close by, the man asked the Sadhu, “Can you kill that huge elephant?”

With the smile of arrogance, the Sadhu said, “Not a big deal”. He took a pinch of dust, did some mantra chant and threw the same in air. The Elephant instantly was brought down on earth, struggled a while in pain, and was dead.

“Impressive”, said the man.  “Now can you revive the elephant back to life?”, he asked.

The sadhu again picked some dust, did some mantra chant and let go the dust in air, with an arrogant smile on his face. The elephant came back to life. Got up and went off in search of food.

Then the Lord said: ‘Wonderful is your power. But may I ask you one thing? You have killed the elephant and you have revived it. But what has that done for you? Do you feel uplifted by it? Has it enabled you to realize God?’ Saying this the Lord vanished.

Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsha refrained His disciples, devotees and spiritual seekers to refrain themselves from seeking any kind of occult powers, or working for the same.


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