A penny of sincerity

During one of his travel around America, President Wilson stopped at Billings, Montana, and was going to give short speech from the train platform. Beside him was none other than Mrs.Wilson and some other important top figures of the country.
Very unexpectedly, 2 little kids managed to pass through the policemen guarding the area, and they ran towards the President. They stopped right in front of the train and looks through his eyes. One of them presented the president a flag of America which he had been waving along the way. Mrs.Wilson stepped down the train and thanked the little kid. The other kid stood there with sorrow on his face. He did not bring anything to give. Then he suddenly searched on his pocket and gripped out a penny from his pocket, he gave it to Mr.President. Mr.President thanked the kid deeply with tears starting to fill his eyes. But the story does not end here.

5 years later, President Wilson passed away. In the midst of the bereaving atmosphere, Mrs.Wilson opened the wallet of his dear husband. Inside, in a separated slot of the wallet, of a paper which was folded neatly, the penny from the little kid years ago was preciously being kept there. For 5 years the penny has accompanied the President every single day, wherever he went. It turned out that the president had really appreciated the single penny.


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