The Princess Head

no head

A princess was upset because she could not see her own face, and so she thought she had lost it. Her family reassured her that they could see her face, but she could not accept it. “You’re just saying that because you are my family.” A mirror was placed before her, but she said: “This is just a picture of me. It is a head, but not my head.”

In desperation her father tied her to a post in the village square with a sign over her head asking all who passed by to reassure her that she had a head. Many people did, but this only made the princess more upset. She lamented: “But i can’t see it. I can’t feel it. I have no head.” An old man walking slowly with the aid of a cane read the sign. Suddenly he swung his cane full circle and struck the princess on the head. She cried out in pain. “That,” said the old man, “is your head”.

A simple act is better than a wordy explanation.
Rather than explaining how a durian fruit taste like, let the person taste it by themselves.
Feeling and experiencing is better than thinking about it.
Truth should not just be studied, but be experienced.


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