The Neglected Temple

Once, three monks gathered at an unattented lonely temples. “Why is this temple so unattended?”, nobody knew who started the conversation, but then, “Must be because the monks do not have the sincerity in doing the prayers and rituals that the deities did not showed them their miraculous powers.”, answered the first monk. “Must be that the monks here are not hard-working enough that the temple was left unattended,” explained second monk. “Must be because of the monks living here do not respect one another that the followers grew few, ” added the third monk.

Three of them argued…until that they decided to live in that temple to see who was the truest. The first monk do prayers, ceremonies, rituals sincerely, the second monk fi

xed and renovated the temple, and the third monk went preaching out to the public. Time passed and the temple became a very crowded well known temple.

“This all happened because of my sincerity in prayers that the deities decided to help and grant me miracles,” said the first monk. “No, because of my hardwork working on the temple that it looked so magnificent and beautiful,” replied the second monk. “Of course because of me who goes out teaching truths and preaching that our followers grow even larger every Day and night they kept arguing, and cared less of the temple condition. They did not realized that they began to neglect the temple’s prosperity and was more concerned with their egoistic pride. Time passed again and the temple returned to its former condition, it was then as unattented as it once was,” the third monk explained.

The three monks left the temple, they realized and concluded that the temple was unattented not because of anything, but because there was lack of harmony within the people inside.


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