Either Help or Move On – Stop Sympathizing

Well, today was a good day. Overall, we had a nice outing. When I was traveling in the bus, I saw a few partially blind women, walking together, holding hands, by the road-side. They were clad in expensive and beautiful Sarees and were looking nice too. Everyone from the bus peeped out of their small windows to have a look at them. A few of them were wearing sunglasses. The sun was scorching bright today and when I was in bus, it was right above the roof of the bus. I am sure they would need a sun-glass as much as we do. We? The people who can see, without a stick!

Yes, the only way you could tell that they were blind, was the stick they held while walking. That walking stick is their eyes. Even though they can see partially, they would need a stick to walk. That is the gift God gave them.

Not sure if there is anything to do with religion here, but I felt for them a bit. They were not looking less pretty than any other girl on the street that time and they were clad in the best Sarees in town. The sight of beautiful woman in the street in a scorching noon is a rare one. Here, there were many of them, together! The entire world around them turned their necks to have a look, in surprise and more in praise.

But, when they noticed the walking stick in their hands, most of the eyes and stares changed their form and behavior. Many started looking at them in pity. They did not have to go down there and hold their hands and make them cross the road, but the onlookers’ eyes would tell you the entire story. They tried to sympathize!
I do not want any sympathy for these wonderful partially blind women in the road-side. Even they themselves would not want any sympathy. They are physically challenged, no doubt; but, they have their own lives and they know just how to live it. Many of them live their lives better than we can manage to do. They do not need our sympathy. Well, if they want, they can look at us (with the best of looking abilities) and sympathize on us – on our living habits, on our moral and social behaviors. That would not be something we would like? Right? So, we should treat them the way we would want to be treated ourselves.

Porus, the Indian King was asked by Alexander the Great when the later defeated the former and had him on his knees, “How would you like to be treated?” The valiant king responded, “Treat me as a king treats another king!” Read it somewhere? Well, we read these things when we go to school and right after that, we manage to forget all of it. Hope you got the message. I felt it the moment when I saw the incident happening around me.

I hope you would not wait for a similar thing to happen with you and stop sympathizing any of the physically or mentally challenged people around you. Help them, if you can. Or else, just move on!


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