God Is Always With Us

There exist an Indian tribe with its unique way of maturing boys of their tribe.

When a boy is in his coming-of-age, he would be brought into the deepest darkest forest. When the day grow very dark, the blindfold will be removed from him, and the person who brought him there would leave him alone. He would be considered successful and accepted as an adult in the tribe if he doesn’t scream or cry until the next morning.

The night was very dark, even the son could not see his own hands, so dark that he was afraid. Frightening sounds surrounds the deep forest, the wolves’ howl, the branches, and so he became more fearful, but he must kept silent, not screaming nor crying, so that he could pass the exam.

A second was like hours, an hour was like years, and he could not close his eyes to sleep, as scared sweats streamed down from his body.

The morning sun at last started to show itself, he was terribly joyful, he looked around himself, and then was very shocked, seeing his father standing not far from behind him, with the position ready to shoot arrows, with a machete sheathed in his waist, looking after his son the whole night. In case any snake or wild beasts might brought him harm, he soon would release arrows from his bow, before the beast got too close to his son, while praying that his son would not cry nor scream.


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