The Arrogance of the Young Pianist

A father, enrolled his 5 years old son to a music school to learn how to play piano, in the hope that the son would later grow up being a famous grand pianist.

A few months passed, and there came a very famous pianist to the town where the father and the son lived. In just hours, the concert ticket for his show got sold out. Luckily the father and the son managed to get two tickets for themselves. On the day of the performance, it was one hour before the concert started, the seats were already filled with crowds, and the father sat with his son by his side. As how ordinary a child is, the son didn’t find it so pleasurable to just sit doing nothing, and without his father knowing, he slipped away.

When the stage lighting was dimmed, the father was surprised to find out that his son was no longer with him, more shocking to the father was that he noticed his son was by the side of the concert stage, and was walking towards the piano. Being curious, without hesitation the son sat himself in front of the piano and started playing a melody, a very simple one, twinkle twinkle little star.

The spotlight operator, was as well surprised hearing the piano being played, thought that the concert had started off early than scheduled, and so he immediately spot the spotlight to the center of the stage. Everybody was surprised, to see the little child playing the piano, not the famous pianist.

The pianist was surprised too, and quickly get himself to the stage. Seeing the child playing innocently, he was not angry, instead he smiled and said, “Keep on playing”, and the child who got the permit, kept on his play.

The pianist then sat beside the child and started playing together with the child balancing and adding fabulous piano strikes to the play, he filled in the gaps and weaknesses, that they could bring to the audience a very beautiful piano play. It was moreover incredible that it was as if they were united and being as one playing the piano. When both were done, the whole audience gave them very big applause and awe, bouquet of flowers thrown from everywhere to the stage.

Unfortunately, for that, the child became arrogant, he thought, “Wow, just one month of piano practice i could be this great!”

The child was not aware that the one being cheered merrily by the audience was the pianist sitting by him, filling all his gaps and perfecting his play.

What are the implications in our life?

Many times we feel so proud for our achievements and successes, and become forgetful of those people around us who were actually very part of our success. Those forces may seems to be invisible, or maybe working our success from behind, but we never not owe our achievements to everybody living, to anything that ever exist for us and any other everything else. Understanding this perfectly, one would automatically always stay humble and never have the reason again to be arrogant.

Even when a master of culinary have done his masterpiece, he ought to remember that 90% of his masterpiece, he owes to the grace of the sun’s culinary arts, ‘cooking’ various elements and materials into ‘raw food‘ before then he starts cooking the raw food into the so called ‘food’, as well with all other nature forces. 9% he owes it to every single person involved in the process of his masterpiece, and 1% is his own effort.


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