Salt Puppet

Once upon a time there was a puppet made of salt who had traveled a long time through dry and desert places until one evening he came upon a sea which he had never before seen and didn’t know what it was. The puppet asked the sea: “What are you?” “I am the sea” it replied. “But” the puppet insisted “What is the sea”. “I am”. “I don’t understand” said the puppet made of salt. “I want very much to understand what I can do to know you!

The sea replied “That’s easy, touch me!”

The salt puppet timidly touched the sea with the tip of his toes. At that moment he realized that the sea began to make itself perceptible, but at the same time he noticed the tips of his toes had disappeared. “What have you done to me?” he cried to the sea. “You have given a little yourself to understand me” the sea replied.

Slowly the salt puppet began to walk into the sea with great solemnity as though he were about to perform the most important act of his life. The further he moved along, the more he dissolved but at the same time he had the impression that he knew more and more about the sea.

Again and again the puppet asked “What is the sea?” until the wave covered him completely. Finally, when he got completely dissolved and got one with the water, he exclaimed, “The sea is me!”.


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