See the Divine Mother in your own Mother

Here comes a story about a student seeker. Once he approached his teacher and asked. ‘Gurudev, I am eager to have   darshan of Ma Parashakti. I have heard so much about Her glory. The teacher smiled and replied, ‘My child, that’s easy, you just have to keep your eyes open and look at the feet of women you come across, specially anyone having the wrong footwear on. Take it for sure that is Parashakti Herself’.

The student with full faith in his guru’s words, set out to look for Parashakti. When ever he came across a lady, his concentration would be focussed at her feet to find out whether she had worn slippers in the wrong way.  Several years passed on. But he could not find even a single lady as described by his Guru.   Exhausted, he at last decided to get back home.

         Completely worn out mentally and physically, he returned to his home. His poor mother, on that day was working in her kitchen and accidently looking through the window she spotted her beloved son. As soon as she saw him, Imageunable to control her emotions she ran out with wide open arms to welcome her son. With tears in her eyes she asked ‘My son where were you?, I have been waiting for you, worried as to what was keeping you away from home for so long.  Instead of looking at her face, the son looked at her feet as was his habit now and what did he see. The right foot was in the left slippers and vice versa. Unable to  control himself he fell at her feet and asked to be forgiven for searching for the Divine Mother all over when she was right here in his own home!



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