All you have to do is to take that first step.

Have you ever felt that it would be pointless to try competing at all, because of some reservations you have? The fear of not being good enough; of too many competitors; or it being too difficult? This article will show you why you should rise above the fears and do it anyway.

This happens to some of us more than others – you are not alone. Sometimes, even after competing in student competitions for awhile, some of us still doubt our abilities and wonder why do we even spend time on competing if we fail to win anything?

The reason is simple: it is not just about competing, nor is it about winning. It is about learning; growing; and satisfying that desire to improve yourself and do something even better. If you want to achieve excellence in life and the things you do, you have to accept that competitions and challenges are out there and strive to do even better.

We learn a lot from competing, no doubt about that.

We learn how to juggle our time better between school, competing and play; communicate better; be a more inclusive and motivated team player; exercising self-discipline and determination; and get a deeper understanding about the subject that we are competing in. We even learn how to appreciate our loved ones better; the support we receive from them and the heartaches they help us soothe when we do not get the results we desired. Not convinced?

There are no real losers in student competitions. The only losers are those who compete to win, but fail and quit after one go, hating his/her initial decision to compete and bearing a grudge against the organisers and feeling that the world is against him/her. So, keep playing the game; keep competing. If you have yet to start, do so. Start this journey with friends or by yourself and you will end up in a better place than you started with.

Do not give up. You may just find a breakthrough, realise your strengths and work this to your advantage to win the prize, just like the tortoise when he won the hare (Aesop’s Fable: The Tortoise and the Hare).

Soon, you will also understand the intricacies of student competitions and what makes the judges tick. Winning the competition will then be the icing on the cake that took a little too long to bake, but worth every attempt, every obstacle met and every lesson learned. Take this chance as a student to challenge yourself. Being in school is the best time to experiment, fail, pick yourself up and try again.

All you have to do is to take that first step.


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